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thorn_about_us"earth2earth" is a brand name owned by Thorn Environmental Ltd (Thorn) which is a packaging supplies company that specialises in environmentally friendly waste packaging alternatives. A large portion of their sales are products such as refuse sacks, bin liners, films and wraps. Thorn are also brand owners of “DuraSack” and “Bungee” refuse sacks and liners.

Thorn Environmental Ltd was set up in 1998 to take advantage of changes that would be happening in Europe and Ireland in line with Agenda 21 and Europe’s Environmental Action Programs.  Thorn had already been in the packaging business for 15 years at this stage. They decided to be the first to add value to commodity plastica by using new technologies, insight, innovation, and knowledge of the industry to offer the customer something that they wanted but could not get before.

At present, Thorn is one of the largest suppliers of refuse sacks and bin liners in Ireland, and they are continuously growing in the UK. Their growth has been due to constantly trying to improve products through the use of technology, legislation, and innovation. The constant introduction of new products either under their own established branding, new brands, or sometimes without branding has kept Thorn ahead of their competition. They would consider themselves the market leaders, and feel that this is proven by their competitors offering “me too” products.


"Thorn Environmental is individuals committed to changing our environment for the better. Collectively working to provide our customers with superior packaging products and services that conform to the aspirations of Agenda 21 and Europe's sixth Environmental action programme. We will make a difference. We will lead the way in providing innovative solutions to packaging problems; by providing degradable and recycled alternatives. Our customers are our partners in contributing to a sustainable future; they share our commitment to responsible packaging. Our relationships are long-term and based on mutual trust and respect; they are open and dynamic. We will always ensure that our reputation is based on our high standards, responsiveness and the quality of our products and services.

We are proud of what we do, our company is part of what we are."




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